Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Newest Edition to our Cake Collection

To those of you who are Gators fans out there (and let's face it, how many Gators fans are there in Utah?), take a look at this cute cake Brianna and I made on Friday! This was a Groom's cake for a wedding up at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake, and we could not be more proud of the way it turned out. It may not look it from the picture, but this was a pretty huge cake. I love big, chunky cakes- they are my very favorite.

I took a look at this logo last week and my immediate reaction was "easy breezy!". Oh man, am I ever hilarious... Brianna saw it for what it was (which is why we make such great partners)- lots and lots of teeny tiny detailed cuts and very precise fondant work. But it was so much fun to make and it is so satisfying to work together on something we both love. One more cake down, one lifetime of cake making to go- cheers!