Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things we are passionate about:

1. The Moist Factor: If you have met me, then there are some things you know about me. I carry peanut butter in my purse. I have read the Harry Potter series sixteen times. I always drive as fast as humanly possible. And I hate, hate, hate dry cake. I would rather eat sawdust than touch dry cake with a ten-foot pole. I have spent years (and I really do mean years) working on techniques to make my cake as moist as possible. Taste to believe, my friends. Taste to believe.

2. Marshmallow Fondant: You may be asking yourself “what the heck is this ‘fondant’?” Fondant is a type of frosting that you can roll out like cookie dough and place over cakes, usually wedding cakes, that makes it look nice and smooth. Like this:

Unfortunately, the majority of fondant in the world is McNasty. It is ordered through restaurant supply companies in huge buckets and I would say it tastes like a cross between playdough and chewable flour. Brianna and I couldn’t bring ourselves to actually serve this to human beings, so we have found a fabulous recipe for fondant. It is made out of marshmallows, and we make it fresh for each cake we make. Not to mention we layer on a generous amount of buttercream underneath the fondant anyway. Best of both worlds!

3. Affordable: There are about a million and twelve reasons that our prices are much more affordable than most other bakeries. We do all the work between the two of us− we don’t even have little cake elves running around our kitchen making things for us. We save a ton of money with our marshmallow fondant. It costs us exactly four dollars to make five pounds of fondant. Guess how much it costs from a restaurant supply store? Go ahead, guess. Twenty five dollars! That’s like a billion percent markup! I tend to exaggerate. And most importantly, Brianna and I love what we do, which is more rewarding than money ever will be (except, of course, when money buys you new Anthropologie shoes or a trip to Disneyland).

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